Why Choose Mississippi Group Health?

Why Choose Mississippi Group Health

Are you looking for the best insurance company in Mississippi for group health insurance benefits?


With so many Mississippi health insurance companies available to you how can you be confident your company is getting the best possible rates for your group health benefit plans? Here are some ways we set ourselves apart from the many agencies out there to be the best insurance company in Mississippi that we can be for small to medium business.

You need an agent with proven experience!

While many agents and brokers have experience, it does not necessarily mean their experience works in your favor. Not all experience is equal.

We believe in and provide hometown service and value by genuinely caring for the people we serve.

We have proven experience.

In today’s ever changing healthcare climate understanding group health insurance coverage can be a very confusing issue. Having excellent group health insurance is essential in today’s competitive marketplace.

Deciding who to turn to is an important decision.

We are here to help you make that decision a lot easier.

Many agents make promises about getting you a great deal or making the buying process seem to be a “win-win” deal that benefits everyone.

Most agents truly want to help you with your needs but have to answer to sales manager so they steer you towards products that net them the highest commissions possible from you.

As an independent insurance agency we do not answer to a sales manager, we answer to you as our client.

We are not bound to one company’s products. We can genuinely give you the best choices in products and design custom fit plans from many providers that fit your company’s needs and budget. This is another factor that helps us be the best choice for Mississippi small business health insurance plans and benefits.

When we perform a benefits program consultation with our clients we objectively analyze their current benefits program with 3 very important goals in mind.

  • Can we find quality value driven products that deliver the same or superior benefits for a lower cost?
  • We target and isolate the benefits and products that are the least utilized within your business or group. Doing so allows us to assist you and your employees in identifying the products in your program that you really may not need. They are usually vanity products disguised as insurance products that provide no real world value for your investment.
  • Finally, as a small business ourselves, we understand providing benefits to your employees should enhance your ROI instead of shrinking it. We custom design the best possible benefit plans for your situation resulting in high quality, cost-effective results for the overall health of your group.


We are your solution to overpriced and under serviced accounts. We are dedicated to the very best principles of high quality service when establishing a group health insurance benefit package for a business.

At Mississippi Group Health service does not end with the sale.

We consistently examine market trends and analyze every single quote that is currently available. Mississippi Group Health also ensures that we source our offerings from only the highest rated, reputable health insurance providers. These providers have displayed a long standing, proven track record and reputation of standing by their product benefits with honesty and integrity.

Our brokerage is dedicated to educating our clients on applicable current tax deductions and laws concerning group health care premiums. We achieve this through monitoring and staying on top of the ever changing healthcare laws and best practices being utilized within the insurance industry.

Not only do we educate our clients, we also retain a highly rated Human Resource Consultant who is versed in benefits and compliance to helps educate us on the challenges companies and HR departments face with compliance in today’s environment.

Our consultant, Melinda Hernandez, has over 20 years of experience in the Human Resources field. Side note: If your company needs some HR Consultation when we can put you in touch with our highly recommended Consultant.

Small to medium businesses across our state and country realize, now more than ever, that offering attractive group health coverage helps their businesses grow by attracting top tier employees who strongly consider their health benefits a very important and integral part of their prospective employment opportunities.

In closing I would also like to ask you to consider how important your broker relationship is when providing the one on one attention you and your employees deserve.

Are they thoroughly explaining their group health insurance coverage benefits including details such as exclusions, denials, pre-existing conditions, deductibles, etc.  

Busy families and business managers require prompt, accurate, honest and caring service.

At Mississippi Group Health we truly care about each client from the owner to the employee. We respond and work to resolve even the smallest issues quickly with the utmost professionalism we can provide.

The golden rule is our only rule because we truly want to be the best insurance company in Mississippi that your business has worked with.

Not only will you, as a business owner or HR Department, have open access to your account representative twenty four hours a day, seven days a week but we also give every employee and their dependents the same unfettered, personal access and professional attention. We do this by providing them the same direct phone line to their agent as we do to you business.

We work to resolve their questions as they come up and will assist them when they are submitting their claims.

We stand ready to help you implement a successful group health benefits program. Contact us today to set up your free business benefits analysis and consultation today.

Now that you know how we set ourselves apart to be the best insurance company in Mississippi that we can be for group health benefit plans for small to medium business, learn more About Us.