2018 Obamacare Changes for Employer Health Coverage

Obamacare, also known as the ACA, laws and regulations are changing on an ongoing and constant basis. As an employer and provider of company health benefits staying well informed is essential. Trying to sift through all the red tape, rumors and conflicting media reports surrounding the new tax laws in regards to Obamacare can be […]

Lower Group Health Rates by Providing Dental Insurance

How to Lower Group Benefits Costs by Providing Dental Insurance

I want to make sure you understand this point. Offering Dental Insurance as part of your company’s employee benefits plan will help you in the long run. Why?

Good or bad oral care can directly affect overall health. When your employee’s health requires a claim against your company’s Group Health Insurance Policy it can drive up your Group Benefits Rates. Did you know that heart disease and diabetes can affect you or your employees, and these diseases can have a direct correlation to oral health?

How Does Major Medical Insurance Work?

How Major Medical Insurance Works: A Comprehensive Guide

 “How does major medical insurance work?” The term health insurance is very broad. Although any type of insurance that helps offset the cost of medical expenses can be referred to as health insurance. However, “Major Medical Insurance” is very specific to its benefits. As the term “major” implies this type of coverage is designed to […]

Strategies to Lower Group Health Insurance Costs

Strategies to Lower Group Health Insurance Rates

Our entire nation is currently experiencing unprecedented and sudden drastic rises in healthcare premiums in recent years. Cost control and the bottom line have become more important than ever for every business owner and benefits coordinator. Smart businesses are implementing plans and strategies to lower group health insurance rates.

7 Misconceptions About Group Health Insurance

7 Misconceptions About Group Health Insurance

Misconceptions and fallacies seem to be all around us today. There are plenty of group health insurance myths and a lot of general misunderstanding in the public about this topic. I want to teach you how your business can flourish by getting rid of these 7 Misconceptions About Group Health Insurance.